Sunday, January 28, 2007

Well, Bloglines was looking like a go until it started missing new posts. Not good. I mean, that's sort of the point.

I've been throwing OPML's around like frisbees, trying to find a reader that would import my feed file because I was getting really tired of rounding them up every time. Gritwire flunked, along with Sage and NewsAlloy. Google Reader was having trouble recognizing and reading feeds. FeedLounge is a paid service: no thanks. Rojo was not too bad, but it seemed to me that the developers used so many toppings on the pizza that they forgot the dough.

There was only one left: NewsGator. Nervously, I loaded the home page, registered for the umpteenth time, and found the import tab. Presto! It loaded my opml from Bloglines seamlessly and won me over with its crisp, intuitive interface.

The only significant drawback is that it's a bit slow, but hey, it works, and that's all I'm asking right now.

(In case anyone is interested, here is the article that Garrett linked to in his comment below. It's a good summary of what's available. Also see Garrett's RSS post from October.)

Postscript: If you manage RSS content, be sure to add the feedbutton - a nifty little java widget - to your site to simplify the subscription process for your readers. I've had one on Sojourner's Song for awhile: Green Coffee gets one today.

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Garrett said...

Good news. Please update us in a few days and let us know if it is still working!