Thursday, April 26, 2007

VOM, Indonesia:
More than 40 Christian leaders were arrested after a video recording of them praying for Muslims was leaked to Islamic organizations. Muslims claim the Christians blasphemed the Koran by placing it on the floor and praying for millions of people that had been deceived by it. The Islamic organizations consider the video's content abusive and have released the video to the media. Among the imprisoned were parents of young children. According to sources in Indonesia, some imprisoned women and the elderly have been released. The Voice of the Martyrs is working to assist families. Pray for those in prison and their families. Ask God to give them boldness and wisdom as they face these difficult challenges.

It seems incongruous to take a video you consider blasphemous to your faith and release it to the media. Does this action not blatantly reveal the true motive behind this attack?

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