Thursday, June 7, 2007

Here's a thought-provoking article about community from Dan Edelen's archives. Thanks to Jonathan Marshall for the tip.

When we talk about community in the Church, we simply do not understand what is at stake. As long as I have been a believer, I have seen all kinds of communities, but very little community. Our lack of reliance on God (since we usually have cash to pay for anything that faith would ordinarily cover) translates into a lack of reliance on others within the Body of Faith.


DLE said...


Thanks for featuring my archived post on community from over at Cerulean Sanctum. I pray it blesses your readers.

Jonathan Marshall said...

I should probably talk to you about this in chat, but the thought hit me suddenly and I'm in an obsessive mood, so here it is.

I know your dislike of the modern, organized church. And you know that I agree with you on the concept, just not the practice. So please, bear with me.

Could something like that work without becoming exclusive? Ideally, it would be it's own fellowship. All the members would fellowship daily of course and the probably come together for an official meeting once or twice a week. That would only make sense. But here's the catch.

Could it still work if the members "went to church" on Sundays? How about if the members even went to different churches?

Like I said, I know you have a different view on "going to church", but that's what makes you the perfect person to answer this question. So, yeah, thoughts?