Thursday, July 12, 2007

WORLD on stupid signs:

So I'm driving home from Starbucks a minute ago, when I see a very weird sign. It was one of those orange Men at Work-style diamonds. Except this one says:


There's a stand of eucalyptus trees alongside the road, separated from the asphalt by a phalanx of orange cones plus a wide sidewalk. But I see the sign, right? So now I'm craning forward, looking up and right, trying to catch a rare multiple-grown-men-in-trees sighting.

And if I'm looking up in the trees, I'm not watching the road. And if I'm not watching the road, isn't that more dangerous than if, say, I wasn't aware there were men in the trees, and I just drove past, giving the orange warning cones a goodly berth like the conscientious motorist that I am?

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