Friday, November 30, 2007

A blogger poses the question - Who would Jesus bomb? - and pretty much gives the standard answer: the bad guys.

Christians through the centuries have avoided both pacifism and militarism: holding to a "just war" concept that killing is never good but is sometimes best.

"Never good, but sometimes best." Just think about that for awhile.

(HT: Kingdom People)


Michael Pipolo said...

Did you see that link I posted on Facebook the other day, Aaron?

Garrett said...

Jesus + war = ERROR

The "Never good, but sometimes best" philosophy does appear, however to be valid at the level of Warfare. It is debatable, I think, at which point it no longer works, but government warfare is a not something that Jesus involved Himself in and something we shouldn't either, unless forced. The "Who would Jesus bomb?" question seems flawed from the get-go in that respect.

Obviously, conflict to end conflict is "better" than conflict to start it. Though conflict diffused by non-violent means is obviously "better" than the former solution.

The question as it relates to Christianity, however, is impossibly out of context. A Christian should bomb no one.