Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Michael Spencer asks What Was Jesus Like?

Do you like grape Kool-Aid? I’ve always loved the taste of grape Kool-Aid on a hot day.

Have you ever tasted grapes? Do grapes taste grape Kool-Aid?

No, they don’t. But you could easily imagine a child who loves grape Kool-Aid eating a grape and saying “Yuck!! This doesn’t taste like grapes at all!”

The real thing has been replaced by the advertised replacement so long that there’s genuine confusion and disappointment at the taste of a real grape.

So it is with Jesus. The version of Jesus that dominates so much contemporary Christianity is the grape Kool-Aid version of a real grape. And many, many Christians have no “taste” for Jesus as we find him in scripture, especially the Gospels.

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Nicole said...

Interesting how even when we learn that we do have a "taste" for Him, we try to satiate that with other things . . .

Thanks for your fun comment on knurling. I had to illustrate a magnifying glass with knurling on the handle this week. I love it when I learn words in a real situation (in this case, it was in a creative review meeting) and get to put them to use in a way that makes them stick.